Sirenomelia or Sirenomelus aka Mermaid syndrome

What is it….?Well;What are some of the features of mermaid_?In explanation this mystery creature is believed to look like part human at the top and part fish bottom;Well let’s leave that;Sirenomelia or Sirenomelus is a congenital developmental disorder’The ‘Mermaid syndrome,or Sirenomelia or Sirenomelus,You can even call it Sirenomelia syndrome.’

It is characterised by partial or complete fusion of the child legs.The child may have one foot,or non,or two feet which rotate extremely.

Extra abnormalities may include genito_urinary abnormalities,Gastro intestinal abnormalities,heart problem,kidneys problems,spinal abnormalities amongst others.

The exact cause of mermaid syndrome is not known_Scientists suspect both environmental and genetic causes.

The condition is fatal for new born,Well next time we revisit this condition we are going to look at its morbidity and mortality and how some of the lucky few managed to survive this condition.

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