As,nurses,do we feel valued the way we are entitled to by the Employer?

Regardless of nationality or where nurses are based,there are some common challenges that grip nursing community.One wonders how the hospital or a clinic would operate if there are no nurses even if it is for short duration.We go extra miles to work on grey areas,execute some of the duties on behalf of some members of multidisciplinary team who are not around by some cause or not yet yet well staffed to carry such a specific duty.We have to improvise,ain’t we the ones at the forefront of health care system _?This should come with the price hence the ones to be blamed for first if the system is failing the community .

There can be moments at some point and time where one feels that the employer is not supportive enough, nor listening attentively enough or even not appreciating enough or renumarating nurses enough.The picture above was extracted from recent years Kenya nurses protest,a touch of reality on how we nurses feel for not being valued enough to the point we want to highlight this,and any employer who does care should easily understand and not be reminded twice_Oh well….maybe we need to keep reminding them_

This year a nurse who wrote to The Guardian anonymously stated’I never expect to be a millionaire as a nurse,but I would like to be valued for the work I do’….

During the recent health summit in South Africa professor Jacobs stated’We talk so much about caring for patients,but not health care workers….and we don’t have programs to undertake care of caregivers in the system.

One would wish that somebody is listening.Does the employer seriously want to transform health care sector while they ignore the needs of those who are expected to carry health care services to the public_?Though appreciation doesn’t only mean financial compensation’and we can’t downplay the fact that nurses are one of most underpaid profession in South Africa,a simple acknowledgement and support can do some good_

Elections are around the corner and as usual we expect our government and politicians to boast about improved health care system’and some opposition criticize the current state of health,and how National Health Insurance scheme which is on the pipeline is progressing with ease,during their campaign.So someone will continue saying this as if those institutions run themselves though.Do we have enough trained staff for this,Do our government see the need to address staff shortages.Are we going to be remumerated accordingly?……and the list goes on.Is employer ready to make healthcare workers well cared for the way they promise the community _💉😷😷😷

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