Nurses Inventions:Emergency Trolley aka Crash cart.

unnamedEmergency trolley_:aka Crash cart.The name brings patient’s resuscitation to our minds right!As we continue looking at nurses inventions,the list won’t be complete before we put ‘Emergency trolley’, to our list of nurses inventions:Important as it is,remember the hassles and grabbing while you have to attend to resuscitation,That won’t feel right if the resus equipments are not in one place,right?Thanks to one of our mothers of inventions Anita Dorr. It was this uncertainties that led to Anita Dorr,a Registered Nurse,and her husband to introduce a cart,where in they can put equipments and supplies to make resus more manageable.They painted the cart red,laminate it on the top and put wheels on for fast and easy navigating,then brought it to the hospital.She called the cart’Emergency Nursing crises cart:Emergency trolley contents were arranged anatomically,Head and neck items  like Endotracheal tubes and Naso gastric tubes placed closest to the head,venous eccess items towards the foot of the bed and medications in the middle of the cart.

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