Aquatic or aquagenic Urticaria,one of the very rare skin condition

Recently we went through few of the very rare medical conditions;this time we focus once more on one of the rarest and bizarre condition.

Water is essential component of our bodies,Right!,ensure that our bodies function at their very best,transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells,metabolic process needs water,help convert food to energy,our brains and blood are composed of mainly water to the mention few.It is essential -for bodily hygiene and cleanless.But what happens when water is now the culprit,causing illness like allergic skin reaction?

Picture showing Aquagenic urticaria aka Water allergy

The condition arises following contact with water,to some even ones own sweat can trigger the reaction;hence the term aquagenic urticaria or Water allergy.

The affected person will presents with itchy hives regardless of water temperature,chemical or fluoride composition of water.

It is not even triggered by histamine releasing allergic reaction like most of other allergies hence its causes is not clearly understood.

Diagnostic prosedure

Can you guess?

Water challenge;just expose a sufferer to water then that’s it.


Barrier cream ,antihistamines and steroids(Wiki)

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