Tetra fish may give clue to cardiac patients cure

That’s according to scientists who studied Mexican tetra fish that dwell in rivers.

The fish’s genome allow its heart to regenerate damaged tissues.The researchers discovered that following heart injury Irr10 and caveolin genes were much active in river tetra fish.

Amazingly human carries those genes too,whereby Irr10 is associated with dilated cardiomyopathy disease.Currently,patients with heart diseases can either live with the condition(chronic)or if lucky enough receive heart transplant.

To effect human heart healing,scientists need to modify those genes artificially either with drugs or gene editing technique(delete,modified or replaced using special technology)This is according to Dr Mathilda Mommersteeg of University of Oxford.

Key genes involved in heart regenerating still need to be found,and more work need to be done.

Extract from BBC News

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