Nursses join doctors to resist abortion bill

Ireland.Nurses and Midwives are protesting against the bill that will see abortion performed throughout the country from January 2019.Protesting nurses who call themselves ‘Pro life association’said they were not consulted and that the country is not ready to undertake abortion services,so they are unwilling to take part.The move reaffirms the stance taken by the group of Doctors who are resisting the legislation.

Without any guidance from professional bodies or unions,they fear the law will impacts negatively on the safety of women.

The bill in Ireland’s legislature to Health(Regulation of Termination of Pregnacy)of 2018 will allow termination be performed early in pregnancy by doctors and nurses,and requires pro-life health care professionals to refer clients for abortion,not to perform them themselves,the move which the agrieved groups also resist.

The legislation,introduced by minister of Health Simon Harris, is also opposed by well known bishops in Ireland.

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