British midwife sent home for dying her hair

It is common to regard certain appearance as unethical in nursing,even though sometimes there are no specific regulations in place.How many times do we get called aside and reprimanded by managers for improper appearance?let alone not in proper uniform.Where do we draw the line between ethical and non-ethical appearance. Eg,having a visible tattoo as a nurse,dying hair etc.

Let’s check Donna Crichton’s experience

Lincolnshire,England December 2918:Donna Crichton was sent home,this follows the Trust she is works for,United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust,amendments of their uniform and appearance policy,

She blame the trust of implementing unclear policy,and claim her appearance doesn’t prevent her from doing her job.

Royal college of Midwives(organisation for midwives) and Unions are also engaging with the trust,to find the common ground to disregard employees appearance that doesn’t negatively affect the person’s rendering his/her professional duty or offend the next person.BBC

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