How_? Can a woman in vegetative state fall pregnant

Dr Christine Greves,an MD at Palmer Hospital For Women and babies in Orlando,USA explains.

In light of the recent incident,that happened at Hacienda Healthcare in Phoenix,where a woman who has been in vegetative state for 10 years gave birth, Greves explains.

First,let’s look at the difference between coma from vegetative state.’Comatose patients don’t open eyes while patients in vegetative state may open eyes. Patients in vegetative state also happen to be awake, but not aware.’thats according to American Institute of Research.

In vegetative state,other organs except the brain,are still functioning well.In this case,its no surprise that the victim’s ovaries were funtioning well,responding to fluctuation of hormones that trigger ovulation,menstruations and eventually pregnancy.

Once the woman fall pregnant,for as long as she is getting nutrients from food,the woumb will nurtures for the developing fetus and eventually the body will ready itself for labor.’The triggering cause for labor is not well understood,but the body doesnt needs fully conscious brain to agree when giving birth’she explains.In hospital there are ways in which healthcare workers can assist the mother to give birth without even have to push.

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