Nurses accused of unleashing cockroaches to get transfer out of the department

‘Some of the cockroaches were disorientated and some on their backs as if they were just scattered’says Emilio Noviello from university of Naples

.This is one of the report from the investigator. Nurses in Accident and Emergency ward at the Vecchio Pellegrini Hospital in southern Italy are blamed for intentionally dumping cockroaches to force the department to close.

‘Nurses and trade unionists appear to have sabotaged the Pellegrini in order to obtain a transfer elsewhere’said hospital director Maria Corvino.It is believed that overworked nurses did this intentionally to get transfer to less demanding jobs.This was after a patient filmed cockroaches and placed the video on social media.

Blaptica dubia species is thought to have been carried all the way from Argentina or Brazil as the carrier handled them in a bag containing saw dust and sheet

extract from Sky news 20 Feb

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