Tug of war as Philippine nurses push for salary increase

Manila,Philippines: Represented by Leah Primitiva Samaco,Ang Nars Party-list seek to upgrade nurses salary to salary Grade 15 based on Philippine Nursing Act,the move which is opposed by Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Calida argued that relevant provision in the law was repealed in 2009 joint resolution by the Congress on the basis that it would distorts and destabilizes medical and allied salaries, Supreme court hears.

According to Calida,if nurses demand is to be implemented, nurses salaries will exceed that of certain doctors,including entry level salaries for dentists,physio therapists, midwives and medical technologists.According to Calida,there is currently no legal basis to compel the government to upgrade nurses salaries to Salary Level 15.

Section 32 of Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 states that the minimum base pay of nurses in public health institutions shall not be lower than salary Grade 15.

However Leah wants the court to compel the government to act based on Philippine Nursing Act and disregard the joint resolution ruling.

Parties will also need to agree whether the joint resolution by the Congress can repeal or amend the law.The Chief Justice ordered both parties to submit their memoranda in 20 days

Extracted from GMA news_26.02.2019



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