Attacked nurses pursue a lawsuit

Washington: Western State hospital. Three nurses are suing the department of Social and Health over several counts of assault by a patient.The assaults are said to have happened last year in a span of six months duration.

The perpetrator Mr Christopher Jones is said to have history of sexual violence,targeting females.The women claimed the hospital knew about his violence behavior, but failed to address the matter properly.

The complainants said Mr Jones violent behavior ranges from knocking the mental health technician to the floor, touching his genitals while grabbing one of the victims thigh and biting off a piece of one of his victim’s ear.

Even though Mr Jones was later charged with second degree assault,the charges were later dropped as it was discovered that he was incompetent to stand trial.

The lawsuit was filed on the 22nd Feb by Bernia Garner,Karen Jolley and Kaitlyn Tritt.The department spokes woman Kelly Stowe said the agency cannot comment on matters pending litigation.

Extract from The News Tribune

Germany lure UK’s Polish nurses to address nurses shortage

Germany is luring Polish nurses working in UK to consider German work opportunities in their move to address nurses shortage.Job opportunities adverts promise better salaries,tasty food and chance to work close to their home country.Germany is hopeful that Polish nurses concerns and worries over Brexit,that may jeopardize their work permits,should United Kingdom leaves European Union,will compel them to heed Germany’s call.

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