Media trends week : 1.3D printed organs for middle ear transplant 2.The late professor Stephen Hawking’s nurse banned. 3.Two nurses face criminal charges for defrauding Discovery Health 4.Ohio:48 znurses and pharmacists suspended

3D printed organs for total middle ear transplant

Pretoria, South Africa. Doctors at Steve Biko Academic hospital have performed what is believed to be the first middle ear transplant using 3D printed organs.

The recipient of respective organs lived with congenital middle ear malformation.

Professor Mashudu Tshifularo,team member, said the procedure is quick and carries less risks that the conventional prostheses.

The fact that prostheses are made of titanium which is biocompatible (doesn’t harm tissues) and the use of endoscopic device leave less scaring

Steve Biko Academic
Gauteng Health 13 March

The nurse who took care of the late physicist professor Stephen Hawking banned

Britain: Patricia Dowdy ,the late Professor Stephen Hawking’s nurse for 15 years was banned over financial misconduct, practicing substandard nursing care while caring for the professor and practicing under illegitimate qualifications.

The British Nursing and Midwifery Council(NMC)has ruled on her dismissal but not before Mr Hawking’s family laid a complaint.

Mr Hawking had been living with (ALS)amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which confined him to a wheel chair and has survived the paralysis codition longer than anticipated. Sowetan 12 March

A nurse face criminal charges for defrauding Discovery health medical aid.

South Africa:The nurse in question colluded with his counterpart at a remote hospital ,whom he gave his practice licence details to excess patient’s details and facilitate the exorbitant claims for patients care supplies or pay for services not rendered amount to R500.000 per month.

The pair are facing fraud in excess of R3 million,and his counterpart is suspended.

Discovery Health CEO Dr Jonathan Bloomberg said they manage to recover R555 million in 2018 and prevented billions more loss in Rands from fraud,abuse and wasteful expenditure by implementing several antifraud mechanisms which include analysts and investigators.

Herald Live 12 March

48 nurses and pharmacists on administrative leave over high dosages medicine deaths

Ohio: Mount Carmel Health System said they placed 48 nurses and pharmacists on administrative leave following high dosage pain killers deaths.This after it was discovered that the doctor, Dr William Husel ,ordered fatally high doses of pain killers to 29 patients.

The employees on administrative leave were replaced by new interim team of clinical and intensive unit leaders.

The deaths are under investigation by police and prosecutors. Dr Husel is also investigated for Medicaid fraud,and his licence was suspended by The State Medical Board. ABC news 13 March

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