Nurse-Patient ratio,and nurse work performance

Nurse-patient ratio remains one of the challenging phenomena in nursing community globally and amazingly, there seem to be no definite answer pointing to universal standardized staffing .

Denosa(Democratic nurses organization of South Africa) cited South African public health as having enormously disproportionate nurse_patient ratio.

They believe nurse-patient ratio should be clearly defined with polices and laws,and regulated by legislation,as revealed in one of their research articlesThey are of the view that any provision to set up legislatory framework to regulate staffing,should not leave nurses inputs behind.

What ever the views and how fragmented they might be from country to country,state to state or organisation to organisation,most of us will agree that, inconsistent nurse-patient ratio leads to working problems such as low job satisfaction, workload and may force some nurses to leave the profession to mention just few.

Focussing on recent proceedings in USA,as reported by on the 21 March in Illnois, the debate on the issue ensued between the National Nurses Union and Illinois Health and Hospital Association at the Capitol dome,whereby nurses union was pushing for mandatory legislation to regulate nurse-patient ratio.

‘Nurse taking too many patients creates errors or the nurse can get injured’Said Theresa Ivery,a registered nurse at Jackson Park hospital. adding that the bill will ensure both nurses and patients safety.

Opposing the bill,Illinois Health and Hospital Association claimed the ‘One size fits all’,approach will harm hospitals and health care providers .as patients will have to wait longer,while services will be reduced and institutions will have to operate at higher costs.

Is nurse-patient ratio feasible?for both developed and developing countries.,if your country or state, succesfully implemeted it,how easy or difficuld was it to roll out,and what challenges and positives can you associate with the respective legislation.?

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