More assistant nurses for Ghana

Ghanaian president Akufo-Addo and Ministry of Health claimed they have emloyed more than 14 thousands assistant nurses by 1st of February.This despite media reports that the prospective nurse assistants are still to be engaged with.

The employed staff is said to have been appointed for both clinical and preventive health posts.The president announced this during his State of the Nation Address.

GhanaWeb 25.002.2019

Kawasaki Disease

First diagnosed in 1967 by Japanese Dr Tomisaku, Kawasaki,

the Disease is characterized by inflammed blood vessels and lymph nodes and sufferer presents with the following;

The disease affects children under the age of five,rarely affects adults.Although first diagnosed in japan,the disease can be found all over the world.In South Africa the disease seem to be more prevalent in mixed race kids and whites,and mostly affects males.

Causes: Exact cause or causes remain unknown,although thought to be genetic,bacterial,viral,chemical irritants or even environmental causes.

Few cases complicate to dysrythmia,myocarditis,mitral valve regurgitation and death

Management:Pain control and body temperature reduction,anti-inflammatory medications,immunoglobin to boost immunity and rarely surgery,Anti coagulant use,for example,Aspirin is given in low dose.

Nursing care

Empower the family with knowkedge:_Family need to know suspected causes,presentation of disease and its possible complications,treatments and its desired effects or side effects..

Monitor apain level and patients respond to analgesia;pain assesement should include chest pains as this may indicate to heart complications.

Assessment for signs of myocarditis like tarchycardia,gallop heart rhythm,chest pains and heart failure

Monitor intake and output,considering patients specific gravity, weight and skin turgor.

Child to be allowed to alternate activities, and have sufficient rest

Oral care to be done with soft toothbrush, and oral swabs.

Feeding include giving soft food,cool liquids and ice.

Discharge health education include having plenty of water,taking treatment as prescribed, as Aspirin can causes Reye’s syndrome.To mind appointment date.,Echo cardiogram scan can be done to asses heart problems.Aspirin can be stopped if the heart is fine.

Additional information extracted from:Healthline,Health24 websites

Nurses accused of unleashing cockroaches to get transfer out of the department

‘Some of the cockroaches were disorientated and some on their backs as if they were just scattered’says Emilio Noviello from university of Naples

.This is one of the report from the investigator. Nurses in Accident and Emergency ward at the Vecchio Pellegrini Hospital in southern Italy are blamed for intentionally dumping cockroaches to force the department to close.

‘Nurses and trade unionists appear to have sabotaged the Pellegrini in order to obtain a transfer elsewhere’said hospital director Maria Corvino.It is believed that overworked nurses did this intentionally to get transfer to less demanding jobs.This was after a patient filmed cockroaches and placed the video on social media.

Blaptica dubia species is thought to have been carried all the way from Argentina or Brazil as the carrier handled them in a bag containing saw dust and sheet

extract from Sky news 20 Feb

Multiple neonatal unit deaths,klebsiella in question.

South Africa:Vosloorus,Gauteng province.Eight babies lost their lives at Thelle Mogoerane hospital,last month in what is believed to be klebsiella infection.

The unit the babies were treated in was closed five months earlier following infection with klebsiella that claimed six lives.

Nurses believe the unit was not thoroughly cleaned and remained unhygienic following previous outbreak,while the provincial health department dismissed klebsiella as the cause of deaths,claiming that only one child out of eight tested positive of klebsiella.

Extract from Sowetan

Nurses assaulted, two arrested

Nairobi, Kenya.Two suspects were arrested following arguments that left two nurses injured at Mama Lucy hospital.

The two accompanied a patient to hospital,to find nurses attending other critical patient. They insisted that they be attended to first,but the nurse asked them be be patient. ‘The quarrel started,leading to suspects assaulting two nurses with knives’Said hospital superintendent Dr Musa Mohammed.

All two suspects were arrested,while the would be patient escaped.

Assaulted nurses sustained minor cuts and were discharged.

Extract from Daily Nation

Nurse invention

Know of any nurses inventions?Not all nurses concentrated merely on provision of their intended services;as such we do have nurses who went beyond their duty call to contribute in a great way to medical and health innovations.

This time lets focus on one of our super nurses inventions.We say one as there are several inventions,some of which will be focused on, in our next publications.

Ostomy bag:Yes!ostomy bag is one of them.Imagine after colostomy or ileostomy surgery and the patient is left with exposed stoma expelling faecal matter timeously,causing embarassment and need for frequent cleaning.

As was the case with stoma surgery patients,they were sent home for self care.Apart from body image disturbance,patients had to endure social stigma and isolate themselves from the general public.(Medscape)

Witnessing how vulnerable her sister was,Danish nurse,Elise Sorenson had to step in.It was in 1954 when she developed a disposable prototype bag for her sister, more like ones in use today.She contacted a plastic firm,Dansk Plastic Emballage for mass production.

Today stoma bags are the answer to manage stoma contents, conceals smells and restore patients self esteem and dignity.Thanks Elise….

Irish nurses suspend industrial action following Labour court recommendations

The recommendations are aimed at resolving nurses disputes over pay conditions.

Nurses union,Ireland Nurses and Midwives Organisation(INMO),is consulting with its members to garner support in favour of new recommendations that will give way to 3 weeks of negotiations.

Kenyan nurses remain defiance to president’s order

This followed Kenyan president,Uhuru Kenyatta’s threat to fire nurses who will not heed his call to resume their duties by tomorrow, Friday.

Union secretary general Seth Panyako reiterated that the boycott is still on until nurses are paid what is rightful theirs ,and emphasized that branch officials in the counties are the ones who started the boycott,therefore he will acts on their directives.