Resume work or get dismissed, Kenyan nurses told

This was president Uhuru Kenyatta’s order to striking nurses, warning those on strike to resume their duties by Friday or face dismissal.He blames striking nurses of acting against the directives of court to suspend the strike.

Nurses are demanding allowance increment and implementation of 2017 Return to Work Formula resolutions which ended 2017 strike.

Nursing students arrested for Capetown nursing college protests

Up to 10 student nurses were arrested yesterday while protesting against lack of safety and water shortages in the college,which is part of Cape Peninsula University of Technology.They raised issues about malfunctioning cameras and water taps that run dry every morning.

Protesting students blocked college entrance, stoned passing motorists along nearby Klipfontein road and overturned a staff car.

Talks between college management,Dean of students affairs and students leaders are underway since last week


Denosa nurses to join Cosatu march today

13.02.2019_Nurses affiliated to Denosa will join Cosatu’s protest against job losses in health care system.

They are concerned that implementation of National Health Insurance that is aimed to achieve equal,quality health care to every citizen won’t be realised if nurses are not employed immediately after they qualify,and those resigned and retired are not replaced.

Cosatu spokesperson Sizwe said the strike is aimed at highlighting job losses in public and private sectors.


Ireland nurses strike looms

In what seems to be a desperate move to avert a looming nurses strike,Ireland’s public service management, nurses organisations and labour court had till yesterday 10 February not reached a common ground on negotiations set to address nurses grievances.

Nurses are demanding pay increase and the employer to address staff shortages.

If the consensus is not reached,more than 40 000 nurses including psychiatric nurses will embark on industrial action from Tuesday.

Health authorities are worried about the negative impact this will have on patients should the strike goes on.

The Irish Times

70 000 mosquito nets for Limpopo

Hhokomela will distributes mosquito nets as a measure to combat malaria in Limpopo province.The nets were given by music legend and malaria ambassador Yvonne Chakachaka of Africa Foundation.

health e news

Mosquitos on diet drug lost appetite for human blood

Aedes aegypti

Following early stage of research in trying to combat mosquito borne diseases like malaria,yellow fever and zika,a team of researchers at Rockefeller University in New York may have find the way to get rid of those blood thirsty insects

The team led by Ms Duvall conducted the research by feeding human diet drug containing saline to Aedes Aegypti species of female mosquitos,and were impressed by the outcomes.The results showed that their appetite for human blood plummeted following administration of drug.

“Even though the effects are not permanent and won’t eradicate mosquitos,the idea is a good one as it comes naturally to them”Explained Ms Duvall

BBC health

Cardiac Tamponade

Today we look at one of medical conditions that affects the heart.What is cardiac tamponade ?It’s a medical emergency,a condition in which the heart is compressed by accumulated fluid or blood lbetween heart muscles(myocardium and its outer layer(pericardium)

This pressurizes the heart and its arteries /veins resulting in reduced oxygen supply to the heart muscles,reduced venous blood return to the heart chambers and reduced blood and oxygen supply to the whole body.

Causes include:Auto immune diseases,chest trauma,accidental perforation to the heart during chest invasive procedures,heart diseases

Symptoms include anxiety, confusion, low blood pressure, fainting & dizzyness,chest pain that radiates to the neck,extended neck veins due to difficulties in venous blood return

Diagnostic procedures include CT scan,Magnetic resonance,ECG.Chest Xray shows globe shaped heart,other tests may be performed.

Patients management :To educate the patient regarding his/her condition, aim of medications and procedures like pericardiocentesis(Fluid draining),removing part of pericardium,thorecotomy and others.

Giving of oxygen,fowlers position,monitoring of ECG to detect out cardiac ischeamia,oxygen saturation,monitoring urine output as reduced cardiac output can lead to low kidneys perfusion.

Giving medications as prescribed including those that will raise patient”s blood pressure

Woman accidentally issued with penile erectile dysfunction oitment for eye treatment

Vitaros (1)09.01.2019.Glasgow,UK.An un-named woman suffered chemical burns to the eye after issued with wrong medication from dispensing pharmacist.She was given Vitaros(Penile erectile dysfunction medication instead of Vita-Pos for dry eye,possibly due to their close resemblance names.

The woman presented with blurred vision,swollen eye lid and reddened eye immediately after she applied the ointment.

She had to seek medical treatment at Glasgow’sTennent Institute of Ophthalmology where doctors discovered that she has already developed conjuctivitis.The woman was reported to be responding well to topical ointments,lubricants and steroids.

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