Nurses Inventions

Let’s look at one of nurses inventions.For those who followed us on our page before,most may have explored with us this very same publication.One may question why some of those nurses,if not most,didn’t get the credit they deserve or even the publicity;and we would say’We don’t know’.What we know is we can’t give up giving credit to our smart nurses,heroes,heroines and pioneers.

Phototherapy🙄Yes,phototherapy,neonatal phototherapy to reduce jaundice was invented by Sister Jean Ward,the nurse in Rochford general hospital in Essex,England.After realizing that sunlight reduces jaundice in new born and premature babies she invented the device commonly used in clinical settings today.That was in the 1950’s👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sirenomelia or Sirenomelus aka Mermaid syndrome

What is it….?Well;What are some of the features of mermaid_?In explanation this mystery creature is believed to look like part human at the top and part fish bottom;Well let’s leave that;Sirenomelia or Sirenomelus is a congenital developmental disorder’The ‘Mermaid syndrome,or Sirenomelia or Sirenomelus,You can even call it Sirenomelia syndrome.’

It is characterised by partial or complete fusion of the child legs.The child may have one foot,or non,or two feet which rotate extremely.

Extra abnormalities may include genito_urinary abnormalities,Gastro intestinal abnormalities,heart problem,kidneys problems,spinal abnormalities amongst others.

The exact cause of mermaid syndrome is not known_Scientists suspect both environmental and genetic causes.

The condition is fatal for new born,Well next time we revisit this condition we are going to look at its morbidity and mortality and how some of the lucky few managed to survive this condition.

Today let’s look at one of the rare diseases

Kuru:Today we visit one of the most rare and isolated disease on records called Kuru.Ever wondered what could happen following consumption of human flesh ?Most of us find the act immoral,and in humane,right?But is there any health risk ever recorded or currently exist affecting cannibalism following their feast on human flesh?That is why we went beyond well known ailments to search if we can find one.
This one is isolated to the Fore people in 🇵🇬 Papua New Guinea_
kURU:_means ‘Shivering’_as rare as it is,it affects the Fore people of Papua New Guinea who practice cannibalism,not because they were hungry nor wanted to claim victory on their victims;…anyway they consumed the dead 💀 as the ritual practice,believe that this will free the souls of their deceased….Mmmm…🙄to ensure that they will rest in peace.

But wait…..Mostly women and children 👶 were the one affected and it happen that they are the ones who mostly consume brains during this cannibalism feast.

There must be something from the brain that is causing them ill….🙄….?

Not viruses……..,bacteria,fungi nor living organisms_Well_this is caused by abnormal protein that multiply in the brain,called ‘prions’_infecting mostly women and children as they were mostly the one eating brains that happen to be infected with Kuru disease,while men and boys eat flesh of relatives who died.This has ritual has been practiced for ages. Infected brain will resemble a sponge ,💉medical termed ‘Spongeform_

Kuru is a neurological disease,and has incubation period of 5 to 13 years,sometimes even more.,The disease is fatal.
It is characterised by muscle twitching,loss of coordination,difficulties in walking,involuntary muscle movements ,dementia,mood changes,and difficulties in swallowing or eating.

The new government has put an end to this ritualistic cannibalism, but sporadic cases still occur due to long period of incubation.