Nurses financially rescued one of their own

Kenyan nurses led by their umbrella body,National Nurses Association of Kenya,came to the rescue for one of their own.

NNAK officials

Mr Geoffrey Wafula used to be a nurse by day and a security guard by night to funds his nursing studies He attends Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC),studying towards community registered nurse.

Nurses under NNAK,led by chairperson Alfred Obengo managed to raise over Sh 100 000 and paid his outstanding arrears in full m

Mr Wafula thanked the entire nursing fraternity and other well wishers. He already placed his resignation as a security guard.

Daily Nation 05.93.2019.

More assistant nurses for Ghana

Ghanaian president Akufo-Addo and Ministry of Health claimed they have emloyed more than 14 thousands assistant nurses by 1st of February.This despite media reports that the prospective nurse assistants are still to be engaged with.

The employed staff is said to have been appointed for both clinical and preventive health posts.The president announced this during his State of the Nation Address.

GhanaWeb 25.002.2019

Nurses accused of unleashing cockroaches to get transfer out of the department

‘Some of the cockroaches were disorientated and some on their backs as if they were just scattered’says Emilio Noviello from university of Naples

.This is one of the report from the investigator. Nurses in Accident and Emergency ward at the Vecchio Pellegrini Hospital in southern Italy are blamed for intentionally dumping cockroaches to force the department to close.

‘Nurses and trade unionists appear to have sabotaged the Pellegrini in order to obtain a transfer elsewhere’said hospital director Maria Corvino.It is believed that overworked nurses did this intentionally to get transfer to less demanding jobs.This was after a patient filmed cockroaches and placed the video on social media.

Blaptica dubia species is thought to have been carried all the way from Argentina or Brazil as the carrier handled them in a bag containing saw dust and sheet

extract from Sky news 20 Feb

Multiple neonatal unit deaths,klebsiella in question.

South Africa:Vosloorus,Gauteng province.Eight babies lost their lives at Thelle Mogoerane hospital,last month in what is believed to be klebsiella infection.

The unit the babies were treated in was closed five months earlier following infection with klebsiella that claimed six lives.

Nurses believe the unit was not thoroughly cleaned and remained unhygienic following previous outbreak,while the provincial health department dismissed klebsiella as the cause of deaths,claiming that only one child out of eight tested positive of klebsiella.

Extract from Sowetan

Nursing students arrested for Capetown nursing college protests

Up to 10 student nurses were arrested yesterday while protesting against lack of safety and water shortages in the college,which is part of Cape Peninsula University of Technology.They raised issues about malfunctioning cameras and water taps that run dry every morning.

Protesting students blocked college entrance, stoned passing motorists along nearby Klipfontein road and overturned a staff car.

Talks between college management,Dean of students affairs and students leaders are underway since last week


Denosa nurses to join Cosatu march today

13.02.2019_Nurses affiliated to Denosa will join Cosatu’s protest against job losses in health care system.

They are concerned that implementation of National Health Insurance that is aimed to achieve equal,quality health care to every citizen won’t be realised if nurses are not employed immediately after they qualify,and those resigned and retired are not replaced.

Cosatu spokesperson Sizwe said the strike is aimed at highlighting job losses in public and private sectors.


Ireland nurses strike looms

In what seems to be a desperate move to avert a looming nurses strike,Ireland’s public service management, nurses organisations and labour court had till yesterday 10 February not reached a common ground on negotiations set to address nurses grievances.

Nurses are demanding pay increase and the employer to address staff shortages.

If the consensus is not reached,more than 40 000 nurses including psychiatric nurses will embark on industrial action from Tuesday.

Health authorities are worried about the negative impact this will have on patients should the strike goes on.

The Irish Times